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Control Room

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Control Room

control room: custom rupert neve 5088 desk with procontrol & 5.1 genelec surround

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Welcome to Kuhl Muzik!

Kuhl Muzik is a professional recording and audio production studio located in downtown Toronto.  We have expertise in the recording of all types of music, dialogue and media.  We have over 15 years experience in the industry that maintains our quality of excellence.  Call us to discuss your project and pricing!

Kuhl Muzik is dedicated to providing the warmth of analogue with the versatility of digital.  At the centre of the control room lies a new Rupert Neve 5088 fully discrete analogue mixer.  Housed in a custom desk frame from Zin-de-Zine, this complete console allows you to use the functionality of Pro Tools instant recall and moving fader automation, with the luxury sound of a Neve desk.  In addition, an array of API mic pre’s have been added to capture the highest quality of sound from the source.

Equipment List

Rupert Neve 5088
AVID Pro Control with edit pack
Grace Design m906 5.1 monitor controler

ProTools HD3 Accel – 24 analogue inputs & outputs
(2) 192 i/o
(1) 96 i/o
loaded with plug-ins

Studio Monitors
Genelec 1031 (5.1 surround w/ Dynaudio sub)
Yamaha NS-10

Headphone System
Hearback – personal mixing stations

(14) API 510a
(1) Millenia HV-3D (8 channels)

(2) API 550a

TC System 6000 reverb & mastering

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  1. Awesome picture and studio…Very “Cool”, no pun intended. We saw your studio in an email to us from Rupert Neve Designs.

    With Regards,
    Sr. Engineer
    WareHaus Recording StuDio,LLC

  2. Esther says:

    This is cool!

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